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5K Commercial Roofing LLC serves the communities in Northern Ohio offering roof repair, maintenance and replacement services. Our family-owned company has established a long tradition of providing high quality service. We act with integrity, take a direct common-sense approach to finding solutions and refuse to offer sub-par results.

We maintain, repair and replace roofs on all commercial and residential buildings. No matter what your budget is, we have a solution for you. We strive to provide the best service, most durable products and highest quality work to all our customers!


  • 5 K Commercial Roofing LLC


  • 5 K Commercial Roofing LLC


  • 5 K Commercial Roofing LLC


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Our Services

Roof Repair, Routine Maintenance or Replacement, we provide all your commercial & residential roofing needs. Whether your roof has a minor leak, requires simple maintenance, or complete replacement we are here to help


Commercial Roofing

We repair, maintain and install new roofs on all types of commercial properties. We also provide emergency repair work at affordable prices.

5 K Commercial Roofing LLC
5 K Commercial Roofing LLC

Infrared Thermal Scans

Utilizing infrared thermal scan technology, we can identify if your roof has a leak that may be unnoticed. With this state-of-the-art technology the need cut into or open up a roof to identify the source of a problem can be eliminated.

5 K Commercial Roofing LLC
5 K Commercial Roofing LLC

Residential Roofing

Whether you need a new roof, a small repair or anything in between our staff of trained and certified installers will perform the work required quickly and efficiently.

5 K Commercial Roofing LLC
5 K Commercial Roofing LLC

Sheet Metal
Fabrication & Installation

We offer and install factory formed sheet metal products and perform custom sheet metal fabrication. We install complete new metal roofing and siding panel systems, including trim, fascia, coping and accessories. We are an excellent choice for all your sheet metal service and installation needs.

5 K Commercial Roofing LLC
5 K Commercial Roofing LLC

Spray Foam
Insulation and Roofing Services

5K Commercial Roofing LLC has the trained personnel and leading-edge equipment necessary to install, repair and maintain all types of spray foam roof systems. We are also qualified to install both open and closed cell foam insulation systems in both commercial and residential markets.

5 K Commercial Roofing LLC
5 K Commercial Roofing LLC

Roof Maintenance

Performing periodic roof maintenance can extend the service life of your roof for many years beyond the limits of your original warranty. We offer complete Roof Maintenance Package programs tailored to suit all needs.

5 K Commercial Roofing LLC
5 K Commercial Roofing LLC

Roof Repairs

We provide complete roof repair services on all types of roof assemblies. 24/7 emergency service is also available 365 days a year!

5 K Commercial Roofing LLC

Get repair & maintenance packages at affordable prices.

Why Choose Us?

There are thousands of roofing company’s nation-wide and many to choose from in your area. We are proud to stand out from the many by providing top quality work at very competitive prices. We also offer:

Easy financing options for residential roofs

We offer secure financing options to make necessary repair or replacement work easy on your budget.

Service and Maintenance Plans

We offer multiple service plans to provide you with year-around roof maintenance and repair services.

Customer-First Approach

We schedule face to face meeting with our customers to discuss and understand exactly what their needs and concerns are. We then tailor our solutions around those needs. There are no intermediaries involved in the process. This eliminates misunderstandings and the waste of time and owners resources.

Over 30 Years of Experience

We have been in the business of repairing, replacing and maintaining residential and commercial roofs for over 30 years. We know how to do it right! You can rely on our expertise and trust us to provide reliable and durable roofs.

Founded on Integrity & Experience

5K Commercial Roofing LLC wouldn’t have lasted this long if we didn’t deliver first-class results when doing business with our customers. As a smaller company, we invest more time into fulfilling your needs than many larger companies are capable of. By partnering with 5K Commercial Roofing LLC, you will receive our utmost attention and be provided with the best solutions and services available in the industry today.

Each one of our sales representatives, project managers, and service technicians is trained and certified by the manufacturers of the roof systems we install. Most have decades of experience at what they do.

We provide the best warranties in the industry on the roofs that we install. Best of all, our 24-hour emergency service is just a phone call away.

5 K Commercial Roofing LLC